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Ronald Julius Christensen

Ronald Julius Christensen, American (1923-1999)


Christensen's works are exhibited in he Phoenix Museum of Art, Springfield Museum of Fine Art and United Nations Plaza, as well as many European and American private collections.  The works in our collection are unframed lithographs, signed, titled and numbered in pencil.


1christensen-a special place

A Special Place

Edition: 300

Paper: 36x27.5 inches


1christensen-sea island

Sea Island

Edition: 295

Paper: 30x22 inches


1christensen-winter bells

Winter Bells

Edition: 295

Paper: 26x38.5 inches


 1christensen-fire stars

 Fire Stars

Edition: 295

Paper: 38x27 inches


1christensen-moon mist

Moon Mist

Edition: 295

Paper: 30x22 inches